<b>Smoking pipes. Part 1</b> <p>Smoking pipes begin their history approximately when tobacco received its distribution and acceptance. However it is possible to say with confidence - very long ago. Evidence of this are images on monuments earliest civilizations. Therefore, it is possible to suppose that smoking was an art for them. Even medicinal properties were given to smoking. Each art people try to glorify and ennoble. Maybe, expressing tobacco smoking as ritual, smoking pipes were invented for this process to express importance of this process.</p> <p>In ancient times they were made of clay, wood, animal's tusks and horns, stone. They were adorned with painting, images of man, animals. Smoking pipes were made in form of different figures. The most popular material for pipes is wood. For their manufacturing roots are used. Modern material is various. They are made of hemp, porcelain, briar and even of corn ears. Each country had its own ways of pipes manufacturing. They were made of more accessible for hat area material. In Germany, for example, were popular pipes made of porcelain. Africa inhabitants have used for their manufacturing various materials: bones, stones, wood. Even pipes made of metal were met. In Asia pipes were made of bamboo. Corn ears for pipe manufacturing began to use in America. Austrians have invented pipes made of hemp. Materials are quite unusual. And now is continued pipe manufacturing using nonstandard materials. But they rather are for collecting than for everyday use. But for today the most popular material for pipe manufacturing is briar that represents briarwood. It is popular thanks to a lot of advantages: it is light, doesn't burn down, and what is not unimportant, it is beautiful.</p> <p>Meanwhile, tobacco popularity was growing in all Europe. And accessories for smoking began to be produced. It was difficult to find tobacco those times and it cost a lot that is why smoking pipes for it also were not big. With tobacco business growth began to enlarge size of pipe's cup.</p> <center><img src="http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/pipe_smoking.jpg" alt=""></center>