<p><b>Smoking pipes. Part 2</b></p> <p>Now in Europe can be marked out four major areas that produce tobacco pipes. The largest is located in Italy. There are produced pipes for wide range of customers, from inexpensive to luxurious. The most famous firms: "Ascorti", "Mastro de Paja", "Savinelli", "Rossi" and many others. Pipes of "Ser Jacopo" mark differ with diversity of sizes and design style.</p> <p>In France at present moment three companies manufacture pipes. Their pipes are of high quality. In Great Britain are widespread pipes of small sizes and short. The most famous English companies are "Peterson" and "Dunhill". They don't defer in quality to French.</p> <p>Among European countries the forth place in pipe manufacturing takes Denmark. Local pipes can be distinguished by originality of design. Famous companies "Stanwell", "Larsen", "Kriswill". Pipes are manufactured all over the world, in many countries.</p> <p>Smoking pipes manufacturing has its own refinements. The most are valued pipes made of smooth material without defects. Defects of the material are corrected with different ways. Mouthpiece should shine and be hard. For this is used alloy of natural and synthetic rubber. Mouthpiece and chibouk taken together have to make up not less than 10 centimeters, for smoke to manage to cool down. High-quality pipe mustn't be heavy but cup's walls must be of certain thickness in order not to burn oneself. And what is also important, chimney hole must be made on the cup's bottom. However, choosing a pipe for you it must obligatory be liked in order to give real pleasure.</p> <p>For pipes special tobacco is used. It distinguishes with other ways of elaboration. The most widespread is "Cavendish". Most often for pipes are used tobacco blends that first are pressed in warm and then grinded. "Flake" sort before consumption is first grinded in hand. "Granulated" is tobacco in granules. After drying it is cut crosswise. Tobacco is cut with different ways. Big cutting longer keeps humidity, but it burns badly as compared to small cutting.</p> <p>Tobacco choice is individual. But for beginners it is advised to begin with light, passing to exotica. Finally, it is important to note that pipe smoking harms your health considerably less than cigars.</p>