<b>How to smoke hookah. Part 1</b> <p>When smoking hookah you must follow few easy rules. It is better to smoke hookah after food intake in calm and comfortable atmosphere. To smoke hookah is preferably while seating on a small height: ottoman, cushion, low love seat or in reclining posture. While smoking hookah must obligatory stay on the floor. It is not recommended to smoke hookah in aggregate with alcohol otherwise effect can be unpleasant and unexpected. As beverage during hookah smoking fits better green tea. Also it is not recommended to pour in hookah strong alcohol. Additional aroma can be reached when adding wine. But this wine cannot be drunk after in no case - harmful impurities accumulate in it that will cause intoxication.</p> <p>To assemble hookah and to prepare it for using is very easy. You will master this simple mastery within minutes and will be able to assemble correctly and to smoke correctly hookah. Place in the cup small quantity of unfolded tobacco leafs in order to remain till the edges not less than half of centimeters. Tobacco lays not tightly, even freely in order the air freely go between leafs, will be smoked better! Tightly cover and warp the cup with small piece of foil. Between the foil and tobacco leave a small space, don't press tightly. Otherwise tobacco can catch fire but smoke acquires unpleasant, bitter flavor. If it happens than try to move carbon on cup's side to reduce tobacco heating. Now take any thin sharp object, for example knife or toothpick and prick orifices or make thin and short cuts on the entire foilís surface that is placed above tobacco. Pour cold water in the flask in such a way in order pipe is submerged in water for 3-5 centimeters. Much deeper submersion will complicate smoke inhaling but less water quantity will not provide enough filtration and smoke moistening. Instead of water you can use wine or champagne, it will strengthen intoxicating effect from hookah smoking.</p>