<b>How to smoke hookah. Part 2</b> <p>Try milk with strawberry tobacco, it is also interesting.</p> <p>If the bottom part of hookah is made of glass than the top part is tightly inserted in the bottom one with use of pressurizing rubber ring. In case the bottom part of hookah is made of metal - the top part is usually screwed along the thread. After assembling two main parts, hose with sealant is inserted (hermetical padding). If sealant is absent you can use a band of paper serviette, toilette paper or usual paper, wrapping it round the nozzle of the hose.</p> <p>After assembling hookah, check its hermiticity! For this purpose cover with the palm the top part of hookah and try to draw the air from mouthpiece. Air mustn't be drawn easily, without any efforts with typical water gurgling. Than try to draw the air, closing the orifice for smoke in the top part of hookah with a finger. If you don't manage to draw the air even with effort - everything is ok, if the air gradually draws in - check the junction’s of two hookah's part hermeticity and hose’s joining is necessary.</p> <p>If hookah has release valve you must check its work as well - when attempting to breathe the air out in hookah, the valve must open and air must go out through it. Inflame the carbon. If you don't have special turbo-lighter for hookah carbon, carbon can be lighted over gas fryer or burner. When using quickly inflammable carbon in pills, wait till it gets burned on all sides, will not stop to shoot sparks and exude acrid smoke. If the carbon is usual, wait till it reddens on all the sides. Be vigilant! Pill after burning is very hot and it can be of black color and look like a cold one. During burning quite acrid smoke is exuded. By no way try to inhale from the mouthpiece at this time!!! While burning sparks can break off that is why if there is hood guard in the delivery set, immediately after lighting the carbon put on the hood on the hookah.</p> <p>After complete burning of the carbon and after the acrid smoke has stopped to exude, wait 10-15 seconds before making first inhaling. Carbon that is ready for use has even color depending on its sort it can be grey, red or even silver.</p> <p>Place the carbon on foil, it is better to place carbon on the middle and cover the hookah with hood if you have it. You can draw it!!! In couple of minutes when tobacco will heat you can move the carbons aside in order tobacco not to get burnt and acrid smoke will not start to be exuded. It is important to put tobacco in the ling correctly - fir this it is necessary to steam out the tobacco leafs and put them randomly.</p>