<b>How to smoke hookah. Part 3</b> <p>A hill of such tobacco is called "free tobacco". In such form it will burn evenly, smoothly and will give much qualitative, saturated smoke. During inexperienced use of hookah during smoking smoke often acquires bitter flavor, throat begins to tickle. Smoke is not plentiful. The main reason of such effect is leakage. It is necessary to check carefully all the junctions, especially hose joining to hookah. Also it is necessary to check if carbon doesn't touch tobacco. Above the tobacco should be placed piece of foil with orifices but carbon - on foil. If during smoking you have to inhale with big efforts, it is necessary, firstly to check the water level. Hose that sticks out the top part of hookah should be submerged in water not more than on 2-5 centimeters. If water level is normal check the flexible hose itself. Fresh tobacco is very wet and sticky, from it often escapes liquid that is why it is packed in polyethylene and only than in cardboard. Also tobacco is packed in glass, plastic and tin jars what is much preferable.</p> <p>Black, not-aromatized tobacco sorts are often packed in paper. Such tobacco is inherently much dryer and during long-term storage it dries up completely, what of course affects the smoking quality. After opening the pressurized package with tobacco, it is recommended in order to keep the flavor to store tobacco in tied plastic bag or to move it to leakproof package.</p> <p>Hookah doesn't require especially difficult care. Water in flask can be changed each time or when changing tobacco sort but not rarer than once in 10 times of smoking. Smoked tobacco is thrown after the cup cools down. When changing water it is desirable to change the flask - for this any kitchen brush will fit.</p> <p>The top part of hookah it is desirable to wash after each change of tobacco sort or not rarer than once in 10-15 times of smoking. For washing the top part a special brush is necessary - long (up to one meter) and with short bristle (0.5-1.5 centimeters). If you don't have such brush you can limit to wash of the top part with water. When cleaning hookah it is strictly not recommended to use detergents. Hoses also can be washed with water but the less the better. It is better not to wash with water hoses made of natural leather. After washing the hookah dry it from the outside in order not to oxidize.</p> <p>It is recommended to store hookah in disassembled condition, but as many people prefer to store hookah in assembled condition we can recommend to remove at least its hose. Almost all hoses are made on framework bases made of metal spring. This spring has property to rust that is why it is desirable to remove hose from the hookah. For carrying purposes it is better to take hookah holding the flask.</p>