<b>Ashtrays. Part 1</b> <p>Usual ashtray made of plastic has each smoker. Few people know that ashtray is not just a stock of cigarette butts but also a useful accessory that may be beautiful and expensive. Few types of ashtrays are distinguished: depending on the purpose and place of their application.</p> <p><b>Floor ashtrays</b></p> <p>The biggest are floor ashtrays. They may be used both inside the building and outside. Such ashtrays are suitable for adoring the premises for smoking: halls, corridors. Most often floor ashtray is combined with ash can. However there are separate ashtrays on a tall leg with capacity that is intended solely for ashes and cigarette butts. Traditional material for floor ashtrays is metal. Most often it is stainless steel. There are ashtrays made of other materials, for example plastic that have metal cover. Floor ashtrays ideally fit for offices, commercial and entertaining centers - all public places. Price for floor ashtray may be different.</p> <p><b>Table ashtrays</b></p> <p>Table ashtrays are the most popular. They are made of different materials. There are ashtrays for cigarettes, cigars and even pipes.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes ashtrays</b></p> <p>Usual cigarette ashtray represents spacious capacity for ashes and cigarette butts and also support (more often cavities on the margins) for cigarettes. The number of cigarette cavities varies from 1-2 to 4 and more. The material of ashtray depends only on your taste. Some people prefer democratic ashtrays made of plastic, some people prefer big ashtrays made of glass or crystal, and others choose ashtrays made of metal or wood. If you use ashtray made of glass you should remember that it is prohibited to wash ashtray just after the last cigarette was put out as it may crack due to temperature difference. Sometimes ashtrays may have a deck in order the ashes or cigarette butts after smoking could be removed under the cone with simple push of the button.</p>