<p><b>Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 2</b></p> <p.Snus came from Scandinavian countries, namely Sweden is the motherland of chewing tobacco. In 1822 in Stockholm by Ettan Company was produced first box with chewing tobacco. Less than in 40 years in 1860 in USA already 335 tobacco plants from 348 produced chewing tobacco.</p> <p>Swedes have realized long ago that snus is much pleasant and less harmful for health that smoking tobacco. Scientists also mark that the most wide spread of snus will bring much more good than harm and will allow to increase average life span and to favor population health factors improvement. However, for today in majority countries of European Union is prohibited sale of snus, although its consumption is allowed. From EU countries only Sweden has managed to defend their right for this tobacco.</p> <p>Snus consumption differs from smoking tobacco consumption. Pack of snus is placed under the upper lip and it must be held there from 5 to 30 minutes. To chew or to swallow snus is not allowed, however the saliva that is emitted during its consumption can be swallowed. Snus that is sold in big packs is intended for those who already have experience of chewing tobacco consumption.</p> <p>It is necessary to take from the pack definite portion of tobacco, to roll a little ball from it and to place it under the upper lip. Delivery of nicotine in organism is made quicker than in portion variant but its quantity is regulated by the portion size. You don't have to chew snus, nicotine enters your organism through mucous membrane.</p> <p>Types of snus with special flavor additives, with berries and plants aromas are popular.</p> <p>Snus Catch Dry Cassis Menthol</p> <p>It is light, according to its strength, snus with blackcurrant and menthol flavor for those who prefer light cigarettes. Packet with 20 packs of 0.3 g in plastic jar. Snus composition: tobacco, water, salt and flavor additives. Nicotine content 0.4 mg/pack. The top cover is destined for used snus packs, some kind of "ashtray". If there is no possibility to throw the pack, you place it there and than throw it in the waste-basket.</p>