<b>Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 4</b> <p>One of the most important advantages of snus consumption as compared to smoking tobacco is its individual use. People that surround the person who consumes chewing tobacco are not subject to harmful influence of tobacco smoke. It is notable the fact that people that consume snus very seldom return to smoking tobacco consumption. Snys can be consumed everywhere, at those places where smoking is prohibited, for example in planes, in community offices.</p> <p>"Philip Morris" Company that belongs to "Altria Group" is going to in the nearest time to kick-start production of snus. "Philip Morris" positions snus as alternative to cigarettes. Product will keep the flavor of <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Marlboro&prod=24"><b>"Marlboro"</b></a> cigarettes. Packs can be also used at work, restaurants and other public places, where it is prohibited to smoke what is an incontestable advantage.</p> <p>The main snus manufacturer is Swedish Match Company expects to repeat the successes of its product in other countries as well. One of the founders of Skruf Snus Company Jonas Engvall considers that present snus lovers are, at the first place, people with high level of education and high profits.</p> <p>In EU countries consumption of smoking tobacco in public places is prohibited. In Norway after introduction of smoking ban in bars and restaurants sharply have increased snus sales.<p/>