<p><b>From tobacco history. Part 2</b></p> <p>Tobacco seeds he imported from Trinidad and Venezuela, but technology he has adopted from Walter Raleigh (and upgraded it). After eight years has begun export of tobacco from Virginia to England, but John Ralph himself has took up his residence for good in the New World and has even married daughter of Indian leader that gave him advice to try his luck in tobacco cultivation.</p> <p>Among aristocrats were also other passionate tobacco admires. Even Prussia king Frederick I (beginning of 18th century) has organized smoking celebrations at German court, but his son, Frederick-William I has even founded so-called "Tobacco-board", on sessions of which were combined such different, it would seem, things, as reasoning about government state affairs, polite conversation and free and easy feast, following with excessive pipes smoking. From Russian regal tobacco lovers, primarily, is recollected, of course, Peter I and, perhaps, nobody else.</p> <p>But, tobacco has always had, mildly speaking, opponents - and not only in the name of Inquisition. England King James I at the beginning of 17th century has not only once made statements against smoking, considering this habit harmful for health that plays into the hands of Spanish trade and what is especially fair, this habit brings people into pacific condition and by this weakening military might of the country. He introduced duty on tobacco import into England, but in France approximately at the same time the same thing has undertaken Cardinal Richelieu.</p> <p>This, of course, hasn't stopped tobacco spreading but has only furthered to contraband import prosperity.</p> <p>But on the East, especially where because of hot climate smoking often became the reason of fires, for it was supposed much more severe punishment. In Turkey smokers were subject to physical punishment, shameful ceremonies and have been even condemned to death. In Japan it was possible to get to prison for smoking, but in Russia - be subject to tortures and mutilation. Although, all prohibitions and admonitions as they were not able to help in smoking eradication, don't help today neither, when every person from early childhood knows that "smoking is harmful for your health".</p>