<p><b>From tobacco history. Part 4</b></p> <p>French people begun to cultivate tobacco as medicinal and decorative plant. Only in 1585, part of soldiers that has got off from Spain and Portugal has demonstrated to Europeans offbeat sight of people that funk smoke from mouth and nose. In Germany Goethe expression "man of education doesn't smoke" was quickly refuted in everyday life.</p> <p>English king James in 1604 has composed his "counter-opposition tobacco" in which he has characterized smoking as "custom disgusting for eyes, hateful for nose, harmful for the breast, dangerous for lungs; in black smoke - the nearest resemblance with Stygian smoke from the underworld". Abusive James treaty is explained with fact that in England primary got shag not tobacco.</p> <p>Peter I became passionate smoker during his staying in England; before him in Russia for tobacco smoking people were flogged and deported in Siberia. Widely were spread also tobacco powder smelling; appeared special, sometimes precious snuffboxes. Also were used long and thin smoking pipes; many people started to collect them. In Muslim countries appeared fanciful devices - narghiles, hookahs and so on in which smoke is flowed through the vessel with water and then through serpentine curved offtake in smoker's lungs. Triumphal tobacco progress has brought it in XVI century in India, Indonesia, Japan, on Oceania islands. For many countries tobacco production became main source of state budget (for example, in Turkey).</p>