<p><b>Tobacco cutting methods. Part 2</b></p> <p><b>Spun cut</b></p> <p>Spun cut, Rolled cut &#1080;&#1083;&#1080; Curley cut - names that are used in relation to tobaccos of roll type. It is relatively rare type of tobacco cutting as it is quite difficult and expensive manufacturing. It is prepared in the following way - tobacco leafs are manually laid on each other is such a way in order tobacco sort that the blend contains would alternate. After what all of these are rolled in a "roll" and wrapped in covering leaf as a cigar.</p> <p>"Roll's" thickness can vary but on the average diameter fluctuates from one to three centimeters. "Roll' that you have got, which's cut is already ready tobacco blend is for some time kept and then cut in thin circles that sometimes are called coins.</p> <p>Pipe can be filled both with entire circles and preliminary crumbled in thin long shaving.</p> <p><b>Cross cut</b></p> <p>Cross cut or granulated tobacco is American method of tobacco cutting that is quite easy to fill and that keeps well aroma and humidity but is lighted and burns a little worse than long shaving.</p> <p>When manufacturing tobacco is first pressed and then cut crosswise, as result small cubes come out.</p> <p><b>Free cut</p></b> <p>This type of cutting is not pressed but tobacco is cut only once. As result tobacco comes out friable and very handy for filling.</p> <p>Cut can vary from very small to very rough. The most small cut (slag) has width approximately 0.5, average - approximately 1 mm, rough - 1.5-2.5 mm. Lately is also used very rough cut till 3.5 mm.</p> <p>Tobacco of small cut burns quirkier but keeps humidity worse. Big cut, on the contrary, keeps well aroma and humidity but burns more difficult.</p> <p><b>Mixtures</b></p> <p>This group of tobaccos as you can see from its name is mixture of basic tobaccos, mostly, free cut. Usually the main part make tobaccos of Virginia sort, of free cut and grinded ready rabbed Burly. Besides also are added also Black Cavendish, that gives color contrast and, the main is, it soften flavor.</p> <p>Classic English mixture is characterized also with high content of Latakia.</p>