<p><b>How Columbus was looking for India and found tobacco</b></p> <p>It is considered that contemporary history begun in 1492 and is inseparably linked with Christopher Columbus. It is known that Columbus was admiral of Spanish fleet and in his searches of India, accidentally, discovered America by mistake. But still on his way to India, but more precise to America, he managed to visit with his team on a group of islands that got name West-Indian Islands.</p> <p>When he landed on these islands than among other curious things has found out that aborigines whom Columbus called Indians, - as he had no idea where exactly he in fact was - smoke something similar to modern cigars. Of course, that time he didn't know neither the word "smoking", no word "cigars", but in this case it is not so important.</p> <p>Of course what was smoked that time by Indians was quite far from what we call cigars today. These widgets of considerable sizes were rolled up of raw, not worked tobacco that wasn't dried no in the shadow, no on the sun and generally in no way. These "savage" cigars were mostly not just big but have had sizes rather just huge.</p> <p>Indians themselves called them "tobaccos". Captain of one of the Columbus' vessels Rodrigo de Heres risked to make several inhaling of "tobaccos" and, by that became first European man that has tasted cigar.</p> <p>Swimming off these islands, Columbus has taken with him in Spain also some quantity of tobacco leafs where Rodrigo de Heres that managed to take to tobacco during the travel, tries to demonstrate his abilities for what he was immediately punished with three years of prison. Yes, already at that times, smokers were pursued by first anti-tobacco organization which's role was played by Spanish Inquisition. Though, soon cigar smoking became extremely popular among high society from Spain and Portugal. Due to excessively high prices, tobacco was a pleasure that was accessible only for wealthy people. It worth to be told that cigar (that were manually rolled) smoking has kept this image till today.</p>