<p><b>Jean Nicot</b></p> <p>Jean Nicot was born in Nimes (France) in family of poor notary. His school years he spent in native town and then moved to Toulouse where he munched out on history and literature studies. In 1558 years queen Catherine de' Medici has sent Nicot to Italy with some special mission. The mission Nicote has managed perfectly after what he was designated for important post in Lisbon.</p> <p>Portuguese period of Jean Nicot's life appeared to be determinative for his carrier and his entire future. Irrepressible researcher's, scientist's curiosity have led him to examination of flora that grew in Lisbon court gardens where he spent a lot of time. In one of such gardens Nicot has stumbled on tobacco that was growing there.</p> <p>Garden director presented him tobacco seeds. After Nicot has returned in France, he began to occupy with tobacco raising and various experiments with it. When he begun his experiments he has already been famous in history, literature and science.</p> <p>Jean Nicot was keen-witted man and perfectly knowing necessities of his time and also curative effect of raw tobacco for Indians, decided that it is chance to become famous and reach.</p> <p>One of his acquaintances, young man that suffered of nose illness, Nicot has cured with compresses of grinded fresh tobacco leafs. Then he has successfully cured lady that had skin defects of the face, sir from noble family he has cured from abscess on the cheek by applying fresh tobacco leafs.</p> <p>Society that has formed under influence of these and similar cases has supported Nicot in his belief about curative effect of tobacco.</p> <p>Way to the fame for Nicot was opened. Besides in France after early dearth of her son, came to power Catherine de' Medici. Suffering from migraines she has addressed to Nicot and he recommended her grinded in powder tobacco leafs as remedy. According to his prescription she had to take the powder with fingers and place it in the nose, but the snuffles and sneezing that took place had to free the queen's head from "bad" going out together with the snuffles and sneezing. For queen such cure, how strange it wouldn't seem, helped, tobacco "hit the taste" and entire Royal Household began eagerly to sniff tobacco, regardless of migraines and other indispositions.</p> <p>Catherine de' Medici has lent huge support in his tobacco beginnings and soon tobacco began to grow in all royal gardens but a little later in many others as well.</p> <p>After Jean Nicot death, when tobacco has been already famous and widespread in entire France, it has little by little occupied entire Europe, but France people began to call tobacco's motherland.</p>