<p><b>Sir Walter Raleigh</b></p> <p>Sir Walter Raleigh has occupied in history the place of active propagandist and distributor of tobacco in England. Raleigh, in 1584 has received from Queen Elizabeth "carte blanche" for new soils assimilation and at the same year he has founded colony in the New World which he called in queen's honor - Virginia.</p> <p>In 1585 he came back from Virginia to England, taking with him tobacco and solid collection of Indian smoking pipes.</p> <p>It is known a ridiculous case. Sir Raleigh for the first time after returning home smoking pipe was from top to toe wetted with water by his own servant, who after seeing clouds of smoke, decided that his boss is burning and hurried heroically to rescue him from fire. What was the end of this "rescue" for the servant, history is silent on this matter.</p> <p>In 1603 queen Elizabeth has died and calm life for English smokers has finished. Jacob the First that has come to the throne appeared to be the bitterest tobacco enemy.</p> <p>King has used the most various means in his struggle with tobacco, as, for example, ban for smoking at court, in public places and even on the street.</p> <p>However, smoking wasn't banned totally in England. The reason of this was tobacco export overseas and high taxes on tobacco in England itself what has filled royal treasury.</p> <p>Sir Walter Raleigh has intended expedition to America in search of Country of Gold in which's existence at that time people believed. The country itself, he, of course, hasn't found, but on the other hand he found thing that was dearly than gold - gold yellow and sweet smelling Virginia tobacco. At his way back, in England, he has successfully fought off attempts of Spanish fleet to seize so valuable goods. But that time, when Raleigh has entered English haven with victory, king Jacob decided to make peace with Spain and decided to take away such inconvenient for him heavy smoker Raleigh.</p> <p>Sir Walter was accused of attempts to incite up war "with darling brother" - Spanish king and sentenced to death. On the way to scaffold, Raleigh has smoked his last pipe, but off the scaffold itself has for the last time knocked out ashes from the pipe.</p> <p><center><img src="http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/sir_walter_raleigh.jpg" alt=""></center></p>