<p><b>Pipe tobacco blends. Part 1</b></p> <p>All know that while making wine, especially vintage, taste and bouquet of final product in a greater degree depends on the cropping year as conditions of grape ripening are provided by complex of weather factors typical for certain period of time. That is why nobody wonders the difference in taste that appears. In case with tobacco everything is somewhat different: when pipe smoker acquires one or another tobacco blend, he expects that its flavor and aroma will be the same without regard when this blend has been produced.</p> <p>If taking into consideration the fact that tobacco can be natural product, quality and properties of which vary from year to year, than for many years manufacture of smoking mixtures with permanent individual characteristics are required virtuosic mastery and supreme professionalism of tobacco experts. We offer you to make acquaintance with technological process to which tobacco is subjected before it represents ready smoking blend.</p> <p>In specially equipped stores of any tobacco products manufacturer is stored large stock of various tobacco sorts and their varieties that are used for definite types of smoking blends preparation. In composition of finished product sometimes enter more than 30 various components that is why it is very important to have quite large assortment of initial raw materials in order that in any moment replacement could be selected to one or another ingredient that has ended.</p> <p>Ability to always find right components for future blend comes only with big practical experience that allows to master not simple skills of determining and catching of the slightest nuances and differences in flavor and aroma. Each tobacco mixture has its own tobacco receipt of preparation that determines selection of raw materials and methods of their working-up. In this case final result depends on many factors. First stage is preparation of basic tobacco blend that will become the base for further production. Tobacco that is stored in warehouse has very low moisture index that is why selected sorts are subject to steam treatment in special drums for tobacco leaf blending.</p>