<p><b>Pipe tobacco blends. Part 2</b></p> <p>Then tobacco leafs are cleared of dust and outside garbage, cuttings and streaks are eliminated, after what tobacco is hold during several hours in closed vessel in order to achieve its identical humidity and temperature. Then in tobacco blend are added necessary natural aromatizers composition and dosage of which is determined by individual recipe of future blend. These aromatizers usually are chocolate, sugar, honey or various syrups. Tobacco mixed with them is stored 12 hours. During this time it fully absorbs all additives and acquires desired flavor and aroma.</p> <p>After holding begins second stage during this is made division of general tobacco mass depending on further use of it: one part goes to Loose Cut Tobacco manufacturing but another will be subject to the pressing process and will transform into Flake Tobacco, Cross Cut Tobacco or Cut Plug Tobacco. Type of cutting plays important role in demonstration of qualities and properties of future smoking blend that is why this phase of production requires exact observance of established standards determined by original formula. Final stage in production of any tobacco mixture is skillful selection of additional components to basic blend and also uniformity and consistency of entire composition structure ensuring. Further cut and thoroughly mixed tobacco is subject to short roast and drying in special drying cylinder under high temperature for excessive moisture elimination and caramelization of sugar that was added in tobacco mass. Then tobacco is poured into small containers that on conveyor are delivered to premises with free access of fresh air where it's cooling down takes place till normal temperature. After this finished product is weighed and packed in branded packages.</p>