<p><b>Pipe tobacco blends. Part 3</b></p> <p>Complex of flavor and aromatic characteristics of any pipe tobacco blend is made up of individual properties of all components that are included in it. And also of quantitative ratio that is determined by original formula. Observation of the right balanced composition of one or another mixture totally depends both on qualifications of experts who make acquisition of raw materials for tobacco plant and provide its further treatment and on professionalism of masters-blenders that realize mixing of ready ingredients itself in final compositions. That is why, from point of view of manufacturers, all pipe tobacco blends according to components composition are divided into three main categories, each of which had its distinctive features.</p> <p>1. English and Scottish mixtures are characterized by natural tobacco aroma and practically don't contain any aromatic additions of all kinds of extracts. The richness of their flavor and aroma is reached by skilful mixing of Virginia sorts with Greek, Turkish and other Orient tobaccos among which special attention is given to Latakia and also by addition of small quantity of expensive American tobacco Perik. Another distinctive feature of these mixtures is their quite high strength that is secured namely by addition of Latakia: the more it is presented in composition structure than accordingly is higher strength of entire blend. It should be noted that majority of experienced pipe smokers in time prefer namely this category of pipe blends as only in them peep out all delicate flavor and aroma nuances of natural tobaccos.</p> <p>2. Danish and Holland Cavendish more often consist of various Virginia sorts mixed with Burley and sometimes are flavored with small quantity of various spices and natural aromatizers and also with Kentucky and Maryland tobaccos addition. Such pipe blends are very popular thanks to their extraordinary softness and rich range of individual aromas.</p> </p>3. American blends are based on Virginia sorts and Burley to which is added big quantity of sugared syrups that provide intense aroma and sweetish flavor of entire composition. Namely this category of pipe blends is the most in demand among smokers-beginners and also is oftener used during seasoning new pipes.</p>