<p><b>Tobacco sorts classification. Part 1</b></p> <p>There are several different tobacco sorts, each of which has many varieties. All of them differ from each other a lot in many parameters the main of which are size and color of the leafs, method of treatment, composition and concentration of chemical substances that compose them that determine flavor are aroma of final product. Individual qualities of each tobacco sort and its varieties entirely depend on soil composition peculiarities and climatic conditions of growing region.</p> <p>The most widespread and the oftener used tobacco sorts are Virginia and Burley that enter in tobacco blends and as detached components and in form of preliminary prepared and treated according to special recipes of primary mixtures that have name Cavendish. After them follow Oriental and some special types, that are mainly used as additives, because they have specific tastes and aromas. Among them special attention deserve Latakia, Perique and Kentucky.</p> <p><b>Virginia Tobacco</b></p> <p>It is the most widespread tobacco sort that gained wide popularity for its natural sweetness and amazingly delicate pleasant aroma. Majority of its varieties are subject during treatment to drying with warm air after which they acquire special bright-yellow or gold yellow color and has name Bright Virginia or Golden Virginia. There is also Dark Virginia that has darker mahogany tint that is obtained with the help of special treatment. The best tobacco sorts Virginia are grown in North American Virginia, Georgia and Northern Carolina, in Brasilia and on African continent in Malawi and Zimbabwe.</p> <p><b>Burley Tobacco</b></p> <p>This type of tobacco belongs to the same group as Virginia tobaccos but differs from them by lack of natural sweetness and requires additional fermentation. After drying on open air, Burley acquires its typical russet color. While making tobacco blends it has amazing ability to bind flavors of different tobaccos that is why it is irreplaceable component of majority of aromatized mixtures. Burley, on its own, has reach nut aroma with caramel tints and very pleasant light flavor. The best Burley tobaccos grow in USA, Mexico and Malawi.</p> <p><b>Oriental Tobacco</b></p> <p>Oriental tobaccos, as well as Virginia tobaccos have natural sweetness in flavor, but their aromatic properties are much higher as their leafs are covered with protective layer that guards against drying. This layer gives this deep specific aroma. Oriental tobaccos are dried on the sun and acquire radiant light-yellow color. The best of their varieties grow in Greece, Turkey and on Cyprus.</p>